Secure, Overcollateralized Stablecoin Djed Launches on Cardano Network

• Djed, a Cardano-based stablecoin, is set to launch next week.
• Djed is overcollateralized, meaning that it requires more than 400% in collateral value to be posted before it is issued to a user.
• DjedPay, a payments application that uses djed, will enable users to transfer the tokens to merchants and businesses.

Cardano-based decentralized stablecoin djed is set to launch next week, bringing a much-needed financial option to the Cardano network. Developed jointly by Cardano code maintainer IOG and Coti, a layer 1 blockchain, djed has been designed to be an overcollateralized stablecoin. This means that, before djed is issued to a user, more than 400% in collateral value must be posted. Such a system would allow djed’s value to remain steady during market stress, thereby avoiding a repeat of the infamous terraUSD, the stablecoin linked to luna which plummeted over 99% in May.

In addition to djed, developers have also built DjedPay, a payments application that uses the stablecoin. Users will be able to use DjedPay to transfer tokens to merchants and businesses, allowing for a more seamless transfer of funds. Djed will also be integrated into over 40 Cardano-based decentralized finance applications (dapps) at launch, as per a November report on The Block. This will allow users to take advantage of the advantages of djed, such as low fees and quick transfers.

The Cardano dapp ecosystem currently locks up over $72 million worth of tokens, according to DefiLlama data. With the launch of djed, users will be able to access a reliable and secure financial option that is backed by Cardano’s robust blockchain technology. This will help to further promote the Cardano network and its use cases, while also providing a reliable source of stablecoins to users. The launch of djed is an exciting development for the Cardano network, and it is expected to be a major success.

Creditors Bail Out Digital Surge Exchange After $33 Million Loss

• Digital Surge, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has been bailed out after creditors approved a long-term recovery plan.
• The exchange had held $33 million on FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in November.
• In December, Digital Surge passed into voluntary administration, which gave control to licensed insolvency practitioners.

Digital Surge, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, recently received a bailout from creditors after passing into voluntary administration in December. The Brisbane-based exchange had held $33 million on FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in November. In response, 25 prominent institutions in Australia have come together to start a research program to explore digital asset opportunities.

Michael Bacina, partner at law firm Piper Alderman, explains why the country is the prime location to test asset digitization. He said, “Australia’s financial services industry is well regulated and provides a safe and secure environment for users of digital assets. This should help the Digital Surge situation, as well as the broader digital asset industry in Australia.”

The creditors of Digital Surge have approved a long-term recovery plan that will allow the exchange to pay back its customers. More than 22,000 customers had their digital assets frozen since November 16th, and the recovery plan will help them get their money back.

The recovery plan comes after Digital Surge lost $33 million in the collapse of FTX. FTX was a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that had been operating since 2014. The exchange was shut down in November after it ran into financial difficulty.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is investigating the collapse of FTX and has urged customers to contact their exchange’s customer service department if they have any questions or concerns. The ASIC also said that customers should not attempt to access any funds held on the exchange as this could result in further losses.

Digital Surge’s customers are now able to access their digital assets and have their funds returned. The exchange has also implemented a number of measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. These measures include improved customer service procedures, enhanced anti-fraud and anti-money laundering processes, and improved Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

The collapse of FTX and the subsequent bailout of Digital Surge is a stark reminder of the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. It is important for investors to do their own research and ensure they are trading on secure and regulated exchanges. Additionally, investors should not store large amounts of funds on any exchange and should always use secure wallets to store their digital assets.

FTX Debtors Uncover $5.5B in Liquid Assets, But Substantial Shortfall Exists

• The FTX Debtors group has identified $1.6 billion of digital assets associated with and $181 million connected to FTX US.
• A total of about $5.5 billion in liquid assets have been identified, consisting of $1.7 billion in cash, $3.5 billion of crypto assets and FTT tokens and $300 million of securities.
• The group affirmed that there is a “substantial shortfall” at both and FTX US based on current estimates of the amount of digital assets.

The FTX Debtors group, consisting of FTX Trading and its affiliates, have provided details on the digital assets they’ve identified during their attempts to recover funds from the bankrupt crypto exchange and its subsidiaries. According to a press release on Tuesday, the group identified a total of about $5.5 billion in liquid assets, which includes $1.7 billion in cash, $3.5 billion of crypto assets and FTT tokens, and $300 million of securities.

Half of these digital assets are already under the control of FTX Debtors, while the other half has been subject to unauthorized third-party transfers after FTX filed for bankruptcy protection and transferred to the control of the Securities Commission of the Bahamas in the case of

The group confirmed that the digital assets associated with and FTX US amount to a total of $1.6 billion and $181 million, respectively. Based on current estimates, the group affirmed that there is a “substantial shortfall” at both and FTX US.

In addition to the digital assets, the group also identified various assets subject to control by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, including FTT tokens, crypto assets and cash. However, the FTX Debtors have not yet obtained control of these assets, and it is unclear when or if they will be able to do so.

The FTX Debtors are working with their advisors and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas to identify and recover additional assets, including digital assets and other assets subject to control by the Commission.

The FTX Debtors are also in the process of filing claims against various parties, including FTX’s former management and shareholders, to recover additional assets. The goal is to maximize the value of the estate for the benefit of all creditors and stakeholders, according to the group.

The FTX Debtors are calling on all FTX stakeholders to provide information on any additional assets that may be held by FTX or its affiliates. They are also working with law enforcement authorities to identify any additional assets that may have been transferred without authorization.

It remains to be seen how the FTX Debtors will be able to recover the assets and how the funds will be distributed among the creditors and stakeholders. However, the group is confident that it will be able to maximize the value of the estate for all involved parties.

Bitcoin Breaks $20K: Mining Companies and Token Holders Reap Profits

– Bitcoin has been rallying and is now trading above $20,000.
– Many crypto mining companies and token holders are now in profit as a result of the rally.
– The rally could be attributed to signs of cooling U.S. inflation.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value, Bitcoin (BTC), has seen a notable rally after months of laggard movements downward. The digital asset is now trading above $20,000, marking a significant milestone not only because it’s the first meaningful jump since the collapse of the FTX exchange, but also because it’s appreciated by enough to put many crypto mining companies and token holders in profit.

Since the beginning of last week, Bitcoin’s price has risen steadily, accelerating rapidly over the weekend. Analysts from Glassnode suggest that the rally could be attributed to signs of cooling U.S. inflation. With the price above $19,000, miners now have the potential to earn more from mining Bitcoin than it costs to run their energy-intensive machines.

The average holder has also bought into Bitcoin at a lower price, meaning that they are now in profit. This is an important psychological factor, as it tends to act as a significant resistance level during bear markets. Glassnode analysts suggest that this makes the current event noteworthy.

The implications of this rally are far-reaching. Not only could it mean more profits for miners and token holders, it could also indicate a shift in the overall market sentiment. This could lead to more investors entering the market and an increase in trading volume, both of which could help to drive prices higher.

Despite the positive news, it’s still important to remember that the price of Bitcoin is volatile and can go both up and down. Therefore, investors should proceed with caution and be mindful of the risks associated with investing in digital assets.

Excel Visual Basic

Excel Visual Basic (VBA) is a powerful programming language which allows users to modify the look and feel of their Microsoft Office applications. VBA is an integral component of Microsoft Excel, which gives users the capability to design custom worksheets, automate processes and design macros to make repetitive tasks easier. VBA is a powerful software and, with it, you can develop powerful and efficient applications that aid in the automation of complex tasks.

What is Excel Visual Basic?

Excel Visual Basic is a programming language used by Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Excel. VBA is a variant of Visual Basic, which is the Visual Basic programming language, and lets users create customized worksheets and automate tasks and develop macros to streamline routine tasks. VBA is an object-oriented programming language that means it makes use of objects to represent components in the Excel application, such as worksheets, workbooks, and cells.

Benefits of Using Excel Visual Basic

The use of Excel Visual Basic has many benefits. It is for instance, it permits users to personalize the Excel worksheets to accomplish every task. This is useful to streamline and automate difficult tasks like making a budget or keeping track of sales. VBA can also be a fantastic method to get started with programming and can assist users to grasp the fundamentals of programming. Additionally, VBA is easy to use and is an excellent method to reduce time and energy in the workplace.

Understanding the Basics of Excel Visual Basic

To be able to use Excel Visual Basic effectively, users need to first grasp the fundamentals to the language. This means understanding objects such as variables, variables, and functions. The objects are the components that comprise the Excel application, such as worksheets, workbooks and cells. Variables are data pieces that are utilized to store information and functions are utilized to complete specific tasks. It is crucial to comprehend the concepts behind them before you attempt to write code using VBA.

Writing Excel Visual Basic Code

When users are familiar with the basics in Excel Visual Basic, they can begin writing code. The writing of code using VBA requires understanding of the language and understanding the Excel application. It is essential to know the syntax and syntax of code prior to writing it. It is equally important to comprehend the different operations and command lines that could be utilized to manipulate data or make custom worksheets.

Debugging Excel Visual Basic Code

When you write code using VBA It is crucial to test it and debug it to ensure it’s running as it should. Debugging code is possible with the built-in tools available in Excel. Excel application. The tools enable users to go through the code line-by- the line and find any mistakes or issues. Debugging code is an essential component of the process of development and shouldn’t be omitted.

Working With Excel Visual Basic Objects

Excel Visual Basic objects are the core elements that comprise the Excel application like worksheets, workbooks, as well as cells. Learning how to use these objects is vital to write code with efficiency in VBA. It is essential for users to understand how they can manipulate the objects as well as the methods and properties they have access to. This means knowing how to utilize worksheet functions, design custom formulas, and design customized worksheets.


Excel Visual Basic is a powerful programming language that permits users to personalize Excel Visual Basic to customize Microsoft Office applications. VBA allows users to create custom worksheets automate routine tasks, and design macros that can streamline routine tasks. VBA is an object-oriented programming language meaning that it makes use of objects to represent components in Excel. Excel application. Knowing the fundamentals in Excel Visual Basic, writing code, debugging code and working with objects are important skills needed to use VBA efficiently. With the correct information and understanding, people can build powerful and efficient applications that can automate complicated tasks.

Building the Ultimate FIFA 21 Team

FIFA 21 is one of the most popular video sports games ever. It’s an excellent way to experience the excitement of football as well as the excitement of playing against the top players around the world. The process of creating the ideal FIFA 21 team can be an overwhelming task however, with the right equipment and the right knowledge, it’s possible to construct a formidable team that is able to compete with every opponent.

Types of Players

The first step in constructing the perfect FIFA 21 group is to determine which players you’ll need. Each player has different characteristics and roles, which is why it is crucial to select players who fit into the kind of team you wish to create. Most likely, you’ll require several midfielders, attackers, defenders and goalkeepers. Each player type has their own distinct job and strengths, so it is crucial to know the different roles each player plays and how they can be a part of the team.

A Comprehensive Squad

After you’ve identified the type of players you’ll need then you can form a complete team. This involves incorporating players for each position who have the same level of skill in order to effectively collaborate. It is essential to identify players with the correct qualities, like speed shooting, passing, and dribbling. It is also important to take into account the player’s age because younger players are likely to be more costly, however they are able to develop into elite players in the future.

Player Attributes

Next, you must analyze the unique characteristics of every player. This is an essential aspect to building a strong team because the characteristics of every player determine how they perform on the field. It is important to focus on the things like pace passing, shooting physicality, and dribbling. It is also important to think about the player’s position as well as their role within the team. This will help you identify players that can efficiently connect with one another and form a unit.

Budgeting the Team

The process of creating a successful FIFA 21 team isn’t just about picking the top players. You also have to think about the financial aspect of things. You’ll need the set budget per player, and be sure to stick to the budget. It is essential to set realistic goals when creating your budget as you don’t want to spend too much on one player only to find you short of money for the remainder of the team.

Team Chemistry

The team chemistry is an additional element of forming a successful FIFA 21 squad. The team chemistry between players could be a major factor in how they perform on the field. It is important to select players that complement each in their respective roles and collaborate effectively. It is also possible to use techniques to give players an additional lift or to help them be more suitable for the specific role.

Training Players

Once you’ve created your team, you’ll be required to teach your players in order to enhance their skills. The best method to accomplish this is to utilize games’ practice modes. It allows you to take the players in a wide range of exercises and drills, that will help them improve their abilities and improve as players. Additionally, you can utilize the game’s training materials to provide your players with an immediate boost in specific areas.

Playing the Game

After you’ve got your team prepared and ready, you can take your team out on the field and get them playing. The best method to accomplish that is play on the internet with other players. This lets you challenge your group against range of opponents and observe how they fare. You can also test your team against computers to gain an understanding of how your team performs in various situations.


The process of creating a top FIFA 21 team can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It requires time, dedication and a thorough understanding of the game to do perfect, however the end result are gratifying. With the best players, the right finances, team cohesion and the right training, you can build a formidable team that is able to take on any challenge. Best of luck!


What Is a Smartwatch and What Do They Do?

Everything you must be aware of about smartwatches.

A smartwatch is a wearable device that is specifically designed to be worn around wrists. Like smartphones, they feature touchscreens, applications, and frequently capture your heart rate as well as other vital indicators.

It is believed that the Apple Watch and Wear (formerly Android Wear) models led more people to realize the benefits of carrying a small computing device on the wrists of their. Additionally, special smartwatches designed for outdoor use often complement the other devices that are bulkier to make up an adventurer’s tool kit.

A Short History of the Smartwatch

While watches with digital capabilities have been around for a long time, with some that have features like calculators or unit converters — it was only in the 2010s technology companies began releasing watches that had smartphone-like capabilities.

Apple, Samsung, Sony along with other major companies offer smartwatches for the market for consumers however a tiny startup is credited with introducing the current-day smartwatch. The moment Pebble introduced the first of its smartwatches in 2013, they was able to raise the record amount of funds through Kickstarter and was able to sell more than a million units.

In the same way advancements in silicon miniaturization have allowed for the development of different types of smartwatches that are specifically designed for specific purposes. Companies such as Garmin for instance offer smartwatches, such as the Fenix models, which are more durable and streamlined with trackers and sensors to aid in back-country excursions. Additionally, companies like Suunto launched smartwatches designed to are able to withstand prolonged use at large depths.

What Do Smartwatches Do?

Most smartwatches–whether they’re intended for daily use (as with the Apple Watch) or for specific purposes (as with the Garmin Fenix)–offer a suite of standard features:

  • Notifications Notifications on smartphones to inform you of significant things or occasions. The kinds of notifications vary when that are connected to a smartphone might simply mirror notifications from the phone on your wrist, however other smartwatches show notifications that only wearables can provide. For instance, the most recent Apple Watch includes a fall sensor. In the event that you are prone to falling, the Apple Watch detects your subsequent movements. If it isn’t able to sense any movements, the watch issues an increasing number of notifications. If you don’t respond to the alert and the watch presumes that you’ve been injured and informs the police on your behalf.
  • Apps that display notifications from your smartphone the smartwatch is as efficient as the apps that it runs. App ecosystems are diverse and are tied to either Google or Apple’s ecosystems. Smartwatches that have a specific purpose like diving or hiking, usually come with the apps needed to achieve their goals, without having the option of adding additional apps.
  • Management of media The majority of smartwatches that are paired with smartphones will manage playback of media for you. For instance, if your listening to music on your iPhone with Apple’s AirPods you can utilize Apple Watch to control the volume and tracks. Apple Watch to alter the volume and track.
  • Answer voice messages Are you familiar with the classic Dick Tracy comics in which the detective’s hero used the watch as a telephone? Modern smartwatches that run either wear OS or watchOS operating system allow voice transcription.
  • Tracking your fitness If you’re an athlete who is a fervent one then a fitness band could be superior to the smartwatch. However, many smartwatches come with heart rate monitoring and an pedometer that helps you track your exercise routine.
  • GPS The majority of smartwatches have an GPS to track your location, or for receiving alerts specific to your location.
  • A long-lasting battery Modern smartwatches come with batteries that can last through the day with regular usage, but with a little of juice left to go. The battery capacity varies. Apple Watch typically gets 18 hours of regular usage on a single charge and the Pebble is able to last up to three or two days.

Types of Smartwatches

As a general rule, smartwatches are able to fill two different niches in the market for wearables. The first is a general-purpose device, similar to those like the Apple Watch and most Wear devices that are powered by Google–blend both form and functionality. They’re designed to replace mechanical wristwatches and are heavily smartphone-dependent. Imagine them as an accessory device for your smartphone that you keep around your wrist.

There are also vendor-specific classes of general-purpose smartwatches on the market for consumer use:

  • Apple Watch: Made for and distributed by Apple.
  • Wear watch designed and sold by numerous vendors made using the Google Wear operating system.
  • Watches with Tizen A proprietary operating system developed by Samsung for its well-known Galaxy series of smartwatches.

The second niche includes products designed for cases that are specifically intended for use. They typically offer an improved variant of the fitness tracker in that they are able to blend between a smartwatch that is phone-dependent as well as a stand-alone fitness tracker such as the Fitbit.

Examples of these devices are:

  • Watches for hiking intended to be used for travel by remote and with long-lasting batteries, GPS tracking and navigation essential vitals, as well as forecasting for weather. Most often, they are designed for superior protection against dust, bumps, drops and even water. For instance, such as the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, the Suunto 9 Baro, and the TomTom Adventurer.
  • Watches for diving Connect your first-stage regulator with an Bluetooth transmitter to operate an underwater watch. Garmin’s Descent Mk1 and Suunto’s DX provide time-remaining, depth, temperature, and many other vital indicators.
  • flying watches are a niche market however Garmin’s D2 Delta PX has on-wrist pulse Ox as well as a logbook, a moving map powered by GPS and NEXRAD weather.

Smartwatch Market Growth

Smartwatches climbed an upward trend in the latter part of 2010 in terms of their global market penetration. The data taken from Statista indicates that sales increased from five million units in 2014, to 140 million in the year the year 2018. Apple’s market share grew from 13 percent to 17% in the second quarter of fiscal 2017 through the same period in 2018. Apple had a year-over year growth by more than 38 percent on the Apple Watch Series 3, despite the fact its announcement that Series 4, a major upgrade was in the works.

In the same time frame that was covered, speciality vendors such as Garmin experienced an 4.1 percent growth in year-over year growth, whereas fitness tracker-only companies such as Fitbit experienced a 22% decline in market share.

Statista estimates that more than 130 million wearables be sold around the world by 2023.

Which Essential Oil Diffuser Should I Use?

Utilizing the essential oils diffuser is a quick tidy, quick, and convenient method of gaining the advantages that essential oils offer. Do you want to infuse you home with the fragrance that comes from the essential oil? Try a diffuser with essential oils. Are you looking to fill your home or office with upbeat energy and positive feelings? Consider a diffuser with essential oils. Do you want to create a tranquil environment to assist your children to fall to sleep in the night? Try a diffuser that contains essential oils.

There are many ways to utilize the essential oils diffuser in order to make an individualized environment for you and your family. Which essential oil diffusers are the most effective? Continue reading to learn all you’ll need to know prior purchasing an oil diffuser that is essential to you.

Essential oil diffusers are available in a variety of types.

There are four kinds of diffusers available, such as ultrasonic, nebulizing and Evaporative diffusers. Each diffuser is equipped with their own method for getting essential oils into the air , so you can benefit from their advantages. With these options which one do you choose which one is the most effectively for your needs? To help you figure out which to pick we’ve explained how each diffuser functions and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What is a diffuser for essential oils that can be nebulized?

A nebulizing diffuser is a device that breaks down essential oils into tiny pieces through the application of a high velocity pressured air stream, pressurized and a jet nozzle. Once the essential oil has been dispersed from the diffuser it is released into the air as the form of a fine mist. The fine mist that is created by the diffuser’s nebulizer does change the chemical formula, nor the scent. It simply diffuses the whole oil in one go instead of it being released in various stages. (Some diffusers release lighter chemical components first , then release the heavier chemical components later.) The particle size is small enough that it can be easily taken inhale and use for aromatherapy.

Are you thinking of purchasing a diffuser for essential oils that can be nebulized?

  • The advantages of a nebulizing diffuser Nebulizers do not require water or heat, but diffuse the entire oil throughout the air to provide maximum benefits.
  • Pros of using a diffuser that nebulizes: Nebulizers are typically one of the more expensive diffusers you can make use of, and sometimes to purchase. Since they only use the oil they require (no other substances like heat or water) they consume higher amounts of oils than diffusers that use other. Some nebulizing oils diffusers produce noise when compared against other diffusers.

Is an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser a diffuser?

The most well-known type of diffuser utilizes electronic frequencies and water to produce fine mists of vital oil as well as water. Ultrasonic vibrations are produced by a tiny disk beneath the water’s surface that triggers that essential oil’s molecules to split down into tiny micro-particles.

You are thinking of buying an essential oil diffuser with ultrasonic sound?

  • Benefits that an ultrasonic diffuser hasUltrasonic models use only just a tiny amount of essential oil and there is no heating to create the mist in an ultrasonic oil diffuser. The method can be used as a diffuser, and humidifier, which is a useful option if you reside in a climate that is dry. There’s virtually any sound produced by ultrasonic diffusers. This makes the perfect choice for use at night.
  • Cons of an ultrasonic diffuser It is only a tiny fraction of the mist contains essential oil and relies on the air flow present in the room to distribute the oil. If you are already in a humid area it is unlikely that you want to add liquid to your air through the diffuser.

doTERRA offers several choices for diffusers with ultrasonics. Give the Lotus essential oil diffuser, Petal essential oil diffuser, Aroma Lite essential oil diffuser, or Lumo essential oil diffuser a try.

What is an essential oil diffuser for heat?

The name suggests that heat diffusers employ elements of heat to aid in helping the essential oil slowly disappear into the atmosphere. The diffusers that use heat often make use of the oil in conjunction with water. Some diffusers utilize extremely intense levels of heat to produce a stronger smell but the best diffusers that use heat will use extremely low temperature to ensure that they do not drastically alter the chemical components of the oils they diffuse.

Are you thinking of purchasing a essential diffuser for oil?

  • The advantages of a heat diffuser The use of heat to diffuse is a cost-effective, efficient and quiet way to disperse the scent of essential oils throughout the space.
  • Pros of using a diffuser for heat: The heat produced by the diffuser could alter the properties of an oil on a molecular level. It means that the aroma advantages of an oil can diminish or even disappear completely.

What is an essential oil diffuser that is evaporative?

Evaporative diffusion makes use of air flow to distribute the aroma of essential oils to the surrounding. A fan blasts into a filter such as a cloth or pad with essential oils sprayed on it. The air that is moving makes the oil evaporate rapidly and the air that contains evaporated oil is blown throughout the room.

When you make use of an evaporative diffuser for essential oils you’ll get the oil in sections; the essential oils with lighter components first evaporate, while the more heavy components go through the process last.

You are thinking of buying an essential oil diffuser that evaporates?

  • Advantages that an evaporative diffuser hasWind-blown diffusion is an easy method to diffuse the scent of oil throughout the space.
  • Pros of an Evaporative Diffuser It could not be as effective of a method since all the elements of the oil do not diffuse simultaneously.

Whatever essential oil diffuser that you pick regardless of the diffuser you choose, the scents of essential oils hold an enormous potential to affect your moods and overall wellbeing to improve your overall wellbeing. At the end of the day, any of these methods for diffusing can help you reap all the advantages of aromatherapy within your own home.