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Moschus ist nach dem Einbruch von Tesla und Bitcoin nicht mehr der reichste Mann der Welt

Die Tesla-Aktie begann Ende Januar zu rutschen und beschleunigte sich nach der Ankündigung des BTC-Kaufs.

Elon Musk, CEO von Tesla, hat seine Krone als reichster Mann der Welt nach einer starken Korrektur von Bitcoin und einem Einbruch der Aktien seines Unternehmens verloren, von denen einige Analysten glauben, dass sie korrelieren

Die Tesla-Aktie (TSLA) ist von ihrem Höchststand von 890 USD am 26. Januar um 21% gefallen und hat diese Verluste in den letzten zwei Tagen auf 698 USD beschleunigt. Die Aktien des Elektrofahrzeugherstellers fielen am Dienstag, dem 23. Februar, dem schlechtesten Tag seit Anfang September, um bis zu 13%.

Fox Business hat den Aktienrückgang dieser Woche auf die Zusammenarbeit des Unternehmens mit Bitcoin zurückgeführt, unter Berufung auf den Analysten Dan Ives von Wedbush, der ebenfalls feststellte, dass er der Ansicht ist, dass der Schritt langfristig strategisch war .

„Die Investoren fangen an, Bitcoin und Tesla an die Hüfte zu binden. Während Tesla auf dem Papier in einem Monat rund 1 Milliarde US-Dollar mit Crypto Genius verdient hat, der alle seine EV-Gewinne aus dem Jahr 2020 überstieg, hat der jüngste 48-Stunden-Ausverkauf von Bitcoin und die zusätzliche Volatilität einige Anleger kurzfristig dazu veranlasst, diesen Namen zu verlassen. ”

Die Tesla-Aktie notierte am 8. Februar bei rund 865 USD, als bekannt gegeben wurde, dass sie 1,5 Mrd. USD in Bitcoin gekauft hatte. Laut Yahoo Finance lag der Tiefpunkt am 23. Februar bei 681 US-Dollar . Berichte über Qualitätskontrollprobleme in China haben jedoch möglicherweise auch den Preis beeinflusst.

Tesla besitzt geschätzte 48.000 BTC, was bedeutet, dass die Papiergewinne in der Größenordnung von einer Milliarde Dollar lagen, als der Vermögenswert am 21. Februar sein Allzeithoch von etwas mehr als 58.000 USD erreicht hatte

Trotz des Preisverfalls in dieser Woche ist das Unternehmen beim Bitcoin-Kauf immer noch im Gewinn, da der Preis des Vermögenswerts zum Zeitpunkt der Kaufankündigung bei einem Touch von über 39.000 USD lag (und der Kauf zuvor erfolgte).

Der Rückgang der Telsa-Aktie hat Musk von der Spitze des Bloomberg Billionaires Index verdrängt. Die jüngsten Verluste beliefen sich auf 3,56 Milliarden US-Dollar. Jeff Bezos führt die Liste erneut mit einem geschätzten Gesamtnettowert von 187 Milliarden US-Dollar an, während Musk laut Bloomberg 180 Milliarden US-Dollar hat.

Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens hatten sich die Bitcoin-Preise um 17% auf rund 48.000 USD korrigiert, was einen Rückgang von 10.000 USD in nur drei Tagen bedeutet. In Bezug auf Rückzüge sind die Märkte an viel größere Märkte wie den Rückzug Mitte Januar gewöhnt, der zu einer 30% igen Korrektur für BTC führte.

The Winklevoss brothers to make a film on the WallStreetBets and GameStop saga

The Wallstreetbets (WBS) and GameStop (GME) saga will be adapted into a film in Hollywood. Filming will be handled by the twin brothers Winklevoss.

WallStreetBets at the cinema

The famous twin brothers Winklevoss will be helping to make a film about the takeover of Wall Street by retail investors from the Reddit forum known as r / WallStreetBets.

Winklevoss Pictures , created by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, will take charge of filming the feature film as executive producer, without holding production rights. The company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) acquired the copyright and will distribute the film.

No details have been released regarding the form the film will take. However, he should focus on the recent „short squeeze“ orchestrated by members of WallStreetBets and their efforts to bring down hedge funds speculating on selling stocks such as GameStop (GME), Nokia (NOK) and AMC Entertainment. (AMC).

In addition, the next few days will surely allow us to write the rest of the saga since it is far from over.

A book by Ben Mezrich

Before being adapted to the cinema, the WallStreetBets saga will be the subject of a book “The Antisocial Network” by Ben Mezrich. This successful author is at the origin of the book which inspired the film on Mark Zukerberg namely „  The Social Network  “ directed by David Fincher.

Most recently, Ben Mezrich wrote a book „The Accidental Billionaires“ which explains how Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss became the world’s first Bitcoin (BTC) billionaires. This last book is also the subject of a cinema adaptation in the film „Bitcoin Billionaire“ which should be released in 2021 .

BadgerDAO’s synthetic Bitcoin, DIGG, officially launched

Just released a $20 million synthetic BTC token on the market: will it really work?

After weeks of waiting and preparatory moves, BadgerDAO’s synthetic Bitcoin, DIGG, is finally available: qualified addresses on the Ethereum mainnet can pick it up.

The release is sure to be greeted with joy by a very enthusiastic community, which has been clogging Twitter with the phrase „wen DIGG“ for weeks. Despite all the memes and excitement, however, there are some serious technical issues behind both the distribution and maintenance of the latest Bitcoin Bank asset on Ethereum.

Regardless, now that DIGG has been launched, market forces will determine its long-term success.

A fair launch

According to Jon Tompkins, core contributor and distribution architect at BadgerDAO, the amount of DIGG allocated to each account was determined using a formula centred on the actual activity of an Ethereum address in the BadgerDAO application. Factors such as the total number of Badger tokens earned, the ratio of Badgers earned to Badgers being staked, and the total number of staking days were taken into account.

In order to prevent an over-allocation to whales, however, the DAO approved the application of a root of 1.75 to even out the distribution between addresses. In other words, as Tompkins himself explained in the original DIGG distribution proposal, with a linear distribution the first 100 addresses would be entitled to receive over 70% of the DIGGs; with this system, they will only be able to claim 33%.

Tompkins revealed that, of the 600 DIGG tokens currently available, the top address will receive 8.75 DIGGs; on average, the 8517 eligible addresses will get 0.07 tokens.

The goal of this distribution, says Tompkins, is to allow the project to „reward small users who are strong Badger supporters but not completely disadvantage whales“.

Maintaining a peg

Now that the token has been launched, the rebase begins.

Algorithmic stablecoins have been a hotly debated topic in the DeFi environment in recent months as one of the most popular trading vehicles. The assets, which are primarily intended to track the price of the US dollar, have „rebasing“ features that dynamically expand or contract the total supply of the asset based on predefined parameters, such as price or time.

So far, however, they have proven to be much more effective at enriching users who know how to exploit rebase parameters than at creating truly stable assets.

DIGG will probably be the first synthetic Bitcoin to feature a rebase, and certainly the first to present this method of distribution. As of now, users will be able to stack their DIGGs in an interest-bearing vault, use it to provide liquidity to DIGG/WBTC pairs on Sushiswap and Uniswap, hold core assets in anticipation of a positive rebase, or sell tokens on the open market.

While there has been no shortage of speculation as to how DIGG will perform and what the best strategies might be, it is ultimately unclear to what extent the asset will be able to stick to its peg, given the volatility of BTC and DIGG’s unique launch methods.

ECB President says Bitcoin „allows money laundering“ and needs to be regulated

Lagarde understands that the Bitcoin regulation process should start at the G7, then the G20 and then be taken to other countries.

According to Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank, Bitcoin needs to be regulated. In an interview for Reuters she declared that cryptomime is not a currency, calling Bitcoin Evolution a „highly speculative asset that is being used for money laundering“.

Lagarde said that Bitcoin needs regulation on a global level, criminal activities and legal loopholes around Bitcoin are the main reasons for this.

„There have to be regulations and this has to be applied and agreed upon at a global level because if there is a leak, that leak will be used,“ Lagarde said, adding that global cooperation is needed.

Lagarde believes that the Bitcoin regulation process should start at the G7, then the G20, and then be taken to other countries.

In fact, issues about global regulation have been the main argument of Bitcoin critics in recent years. However, it is worth noting that there has been no significant action on the part of regulatory agencies by governments in this regard.
Bitcoin Miner says more regulation is needed

For Peter Wall, CEO of Argo Blockchain, a Bitcoin-based mining company, cryptomoeda „will go in one direction“ as the market’s interest increases, especially from institutional investors.

According to him, for there to be a real increase, more regulatory attention will be needed.

„As in any sector, there will be a dance with the regulators, a push-and-pull,“ Wall said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

It is worth to detach that in the period of a month, Argo, which was a company with a market value evaluated in around 25 millions pounds (US$ 34 millions), had a high of more then 1400%, reaching more then 300 millions pounds.
Cryptomoedas regulation in Brazil

It was on August 1, 2019 that the first regulation of the cryptomorphic sector in Brazil came into force. According to the Federal Revenue Service’s normative instruction 1,888, which was published in May of the same year, brokers that offer cryptomotic trading are obliged to inform the tax authorities of all their clients‘ transactions, without any value limit.

Among the information that must be passed on are, the date of the operation, the type of operation, the holders of the operation, the cryptoactives used in the operation, the amount of cryptoactives negotiated, the value of the operation in reais and the value of the service fees charged for the execution of the operation, in reais, when there is one.

XRP must break this key resistance to regain the momentum of high

The price of the XRP is showing signs of upward movement in the short term, despite the ongoing SEC case against Ripple.

XRP should break through this key resistance to regain the momentum of PRICE HIGHNESS
XRP holders are still struggling around the $0.30 area, while most cryptomorph markets are euphoric with the price of Bitcoin (BTC) exceeding $40,000.

The price of BTC is currently more than 100% higher than its all-time high in 2017, while the price of XRP is still more than 90% below its 2017 high. An SEC case against Ripple is certainly not optimistic and is the main reason for this general weakness, as it is leading some exchanges to slide the asset.

However, the chart may give some potential upside outlook for the near term if the price of the XRP breaks several crucial resistance levels.

It is necessary to break the resistance at $0.32-0.345 to rise any further.
The XRP chart shows a very strange price pattern, as the XRP price Bitcoin Up has reversed the $0.21 area to support beautifully in 2020. This reversal of support/resistance caused a break above the significant resistance zone by US$0.32-0.35. This disruption led to a race to the $0.80 region, one of the most significant XRP peaks in recent years.

However, the fundamentals began to emerge when the SEC unveiled a case against Ripple, causing the price of XRP to fall in that band.

Now the structure itself is destroyed and seems a bit strange to map. Regardless of this bizarre move, crucial and beneficial levels can still be determined from here.

The critical level for the bulls is the low of the $0.21-0.23 range, which has once again provided support in recent weeks.

Yes, the candles have fallen below US$0.21-0.23. However, the candle closes were up, indicating that support for XRP was found.

At the lower end, the US$0.295 area is critical

One hour XRP/USD chart. Source: TradingView
Traders often extend deadlines to reduce critical levels. Based on the higher deadlines, critical levels are set at US$0.21-0.23 and US$0.32-0.35 as support and resistance zones.

However, the 1-hour chart shows another critical level. This level is the US$0.28-0.295 zone, marked in grey in the graph.

While this supports support, various endurance tests may occur. As the saying goes, the more often a resistance is tested, the weaker it becomes. Therefore, a $0.50 break is at stake.

On the other hand, if $0.28-0.295 loses support, the next support area will be the highest support period between $0.21-0.23. This area is also the low range over 2019 and 2020 and could open up a longer accumulation period for XRP.
XRP/BTC pair is defeated

The XRP/BTC pair looks disgusting as it has made new lows since the January 2018 high.

Therefore, there are no arguments to be found to take any position in the XRP. However, there are some arguments to look for a potential reversal. One is the large increase in XRP trading volume recently, indicating that traders are accumulating crypto currency.

This could turn into a bullish cycle once again if the XR price turns the previous support levels at 0.00001550, 0.00002050. 0.00002350 sats for support.

The final argument is to observe a possible upside divergence in daily, 3 day or weekly schedules. Once this starts to happen, a reversal may be close to XRP. However, until then, it is still in a very precarious situation with a bearish outlook.
The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading movement involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making your decision.

Analiza rynku: Bitcoin szybko spada do 28 000 $, gdy Ether Futures rośnie

Nadmiernie lewarowani inwestorzy bitcoinowi na rynku instrumentów pochodnych doprowadzili do poniedziałkowej wyprzedaży, podczas gdy eterowe rynki spot i futures zaczynają zyskiwać dużo więcej uwagi.

Bitcoin (BTC) obrót około 31 444 $ od 21:00 UTC (16:00 ET). Poślizg 5,7% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin.
24-godzinny zakres Bitcoina: 28154-33,562 USD (CoinDesk 20)
BTC nieco poniżej swoich 10-godzinnych i znacznie poniżej 50-godzinnej średniej kroczącej na wykresie godzinowym, sygnał niedźwiedzi na boki dla techników rynkowych.

Handel bitcoinami na Bitstamp od 1 stycznia

Cena bitcoina spadła w poniedziałek, co spotkało się z falą presji sprzedaży. Około godziny 10:00 UTC (5:00 ET) na giełdach spotowych, takich jak Coinbase, odnotowano większą niż zwykle liczbę traderów, którzy osiągnęli wartość sprzedaży, z 6000 BTC na giełdzie w ciągu tej godziny. Według danych CoinDesk 20 ceny spadły do ​​28154 USD.

Czytaj więcej: Bitcoin nagle spada o 13%, podczas gdy Altcoin nadal rośnie

„Wiele osób osiąga teraz zyski po szybkim wzroście cen” – powiedział Constatin Kogan, partner zarządzający w firmie inwestycyjnej Wave Financial zajmującej się kryptowalutami. Rzeczywiście, bitcoin przekroczył 34000 USD i osiągnął rekordowy poziom 34 366 USD 2 stycznia, według danych CoinDesk 20. Analitycy widzą, że wielu inwestorów odnotowuje pewne zyski po tak szybkim wzroście.

Historyczna cena bitcoinów z ostatniego tygodnia.

„W ciągu weekendu, kiedy ceny bitcoinów osiągnęły rekordowe maksima, rynki osiągnęły nowe poziomy oporu” – powiedział Jason Lau, dyrektor operacyjny giełdy OKCoin z siedzibą w San Francisco. „Realizacja zysków miała miejsce wokół tych poziomów, co skutkowało pewnym handlem bocznym i powodowało, że wiele z nich było długo nadmiernie lewarowanych na kontraktach futures”.

W poniedziałek o godzinie 10:00 czasu UTC (5:00 czasu wschodniego), w którym sprzedaż była wyższa niż normalna, giełda instrumentów pochodnych BitMEX odnotowała 10 milionów dolarów likwidacji, krypto porównywalne z wezwaniem do uzupełnienia depozytu zabezpieczającego w przypadku nadmiernie lewarowanych byczych zakładów.

Likwidacje bitcoinów na instrumentach pochodnych odbywają się w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin.

W sumie w ciągu ostatniego dnia BitMEX dokonał likwidacji sprzedaży o wartości 135 milionów USD, co znacznie przewyższa 34 miliony USD w przypadku likwidacji transakcji kupna od handlowców, którzy są krótcy. Wskazuje to na pewne wyczerpanie tego, co do poniedziałku był hiper-wzrostowy.

Zapisz się do First Mover , naszego codziennego biuletynu o rynkach

Rejestrując się, będziesz otrzymywać e-maile o produktach CoinDesk i wyrażasz zgodę na nasze warunki i zasady oraz politykę prywatności .

Niemniej jednak Lau nadal spodziewa się presji zakupowej, aby utrzymać wzrost ceny bitcoina. „Te spadki są kupowane dość szybko, wzmacniając narrację, że istnieją bazowe oferty instytucji chcących uzyskać dostęp do bitcoinów” – powiedział CoinDesk.

Część zysków prawdopodobnie przejdzie z bitcoina do eteru. Od 3 stycznia eter eksplodował i obecnie wzrósł o 38,5% w 2021 roku, podczas gdy cena za 1 BTC wzrosła do tej pory o 7,5% w 2021 roku.

Jak dotąd cena Bitcoin (złoto) a eter (niebieski) w 2021 roku.

„Handlowcy dokonali rotacji aktywów z BTC na alty, aby uzyskać wyższe zyski” – powiedział Lau, który odnosi się do eteru jako jednej z „altów”, czyli alternatywnych kryptowalut. „Jest to oczywiste, ponieważ [ether] zyskał na wartości bitcoin w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin”.

Kogan z Wave Financial postrzega tę rotację od bitcoinów do innych aktywów kryptograficznych jako nietrwały stan. „Innym interesującym czynnikiem jest teraz sezon alt, więc popyt powoli przenosi się na inne aktywa kryptograficzne. Ale moim zdaniem jest to tymczasowe ”.

Eterowe kontrakty futures oprocentowane są na 2,6 mld USD

Druga co do wielkości kryptowaluta pod względem kapitalizacji rynkowej, eter (ETH), wzrosła w poniedziałek o około 1034 USD i wzrosła o 10,4% w ciągu 24 godzin od 21:00 UTC (16:00 ET).

Czytaj więcej: Cena Ether osiągnęła najwyższą wartość od stycznia 2018 r. O 1150 USD

Rynek eterowych kontraktów terminowych ustanowił nowy rekord w niedzielę, z wartością 2,6 miliarda dolarów w otwartych oprocentach, czyli OI. Liderem w OI jest Binance z 632 milionami dolarów, następnie OKEx z 421 milionami dolarów i Huobi na trzecim z 382 milionami dolarów.

Money – the future blind spot

I’ve made myself very rare here in the last few weeks. I’m sorry. But what perhaps seemed like a standstill was more of an art break. Because just because the stage is quiet and dark doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot going on behind the scenes.

And a lot has happened! With Bitcoin and here too

Because even if there wasn’t much of it to be seen here, I’ve been very busy over the past few months. Especially since the first Wednesday in October.

At that time I gave a lecture on the subject of the future of money at the Leipzig Bitcoin Lifestyle review theme evening . A topic that for me is bigger than Bitcoin, but which I only began to deal with through Bitcoin. So now a good eight years ago. For a long time it was more of a casual thing. But with the evening in October I had a reason to finally process the knowledge I had gathered up to that point a little more systematically.

The lecture then mainly focused on the question of what we actually know about the money of the future. My conclusion at the time: not much. Because neither in the financial sector nor in the stories of science fiction authors or the stories of other visionaries has the money of the future played a real role so far.

Which ultimately led to the question of how to change that

The simple answer found that evening: You’d have to do a storytelling competition on the subject. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone took care of it?

And that’s what I did. After sleeping over it, I started to develop a concept, went looking for supporters and in the past few weeks I have prepared everything so that today, in time for Bitcoin Genesis Day, my new heart project can start:

Magic Future Money , the writing competition for (im) possible stories about the money of the future .

Nasdaq-børsnoterte firma for finansielle tjenester som samler inn gjeld for å investere opptil $ 100 millioner i Bitcoin

Hongkong-hovedkontoret multinasjonale finansielle serviceselskap Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GRNQ) har kunngjort at de planlegger å investere i Bitcoin Circuit.

I følge Greenpro Capitals pressemelding har „den pågående masseadoptiseringen av $ BTC av banker, hedgefond, forsikringsselskaper og institusjoner“ styrket troen på at verdens flaggskipskryptovaluta er en „pålitelig“ butikk med verdi.

Firmaet forventer at Bitcoin og visse andre topp kryptoassets (som Ether) gir bedre avkastning enn å ha kontanter

Derfor vil Greenpro Capital investere i Bitcoin. Det planlegger å gjøre det på to måter: (i) ved å bruke egne kontanter til å kjøpe BTC; og (ii) ved å samle inn opptil 100 millioner dollar i gjeld for å kunne sette enda mer penger i Bitcoin.

Dr. CK Lee, administrerende direktør i Greenpro Capital, hadde dette å si:

“Vi tror fullt ut på $ BTC som en butikk med verdi. Jeg har bedt våre investeringsbankfolk om å hente gjeld i 1. kvartal 2021 på opptil 100 millioner dollar for å investere i $ BTC. Selskapet vil også investere sine egne kontanter i $ BTC. ”

Greenpro Capital vil bruke kryptobørs CryptoSX , som er et av dets datterselskaper, for å kjøpe Bitcoin.

11. desember utstedte et annet Nasdaq-børsnotert firma, MicroStrategy, en pressemelding for å kunngjøre ”avslutningen av det tidligere kunngjørte tilbudet på 0,750% konvertible eldre sedler på grunn av 2025”, og fortsatte med å si at “det samlede hovedbeløpet på sedlene solgt i tilbudet var $ 650 millioner. ”

Elon Musk Tweets Om Bitcoin: En avslutning på en annen Tweet fra januar?

Bitcoin har blitt en del av det vanlige mediet. Selv om det kan ha vært rart å tvitre og diskutere bitcoin for noen år tilbake, så vi de siste månedene et økende antall av noen av de mest innflytelsesrike figurene og selskapene snakket om det.

Elon Musk er en veteran Bitcoin-kommentator , og han er også kjent for å kommentere noen andre kryptovalutaer, selv om det er en stund siden han sist twitret noe om BTC.

I dag, på toppen av en rolig helg, twitret Musk følgende:

Rett etter tweeten hans økte bitcoins pris nesten $ 200 til $ 23 800, som var det tidligere rekordhøydepunktet på torsdag.

Tjue minutter senere, og Musk twitret et svar på sin opprinnelige tweet, og sa at han „bare tullet, hvem trenger uansett et trygt ord !?“

I januar var Bitcoin ikke hans sikre ord

Musks tweets er kjent for uklarhet, enten han tweets om TSLA-aksjer for dyre, Dogecoin eller SpaceX.

Imidlertid er den nåværende tweeten på en eller annen måte relatert til den forrige da han også snakket om den primære kryptovalutaen.

Ti dager inn i inneværende år 2020 twitret Musk at „Bitcoin er ikke mitt sikre ord.“ Hvis du hadde lagt merke til datoen i dag, er det nøyaktig ti dager før utgangen av 2020. Tilbake i januar handlet bitcoin omtrent rundt 8 000 dollar. Når han skrev sin andre tweet, handler bitcoin til $ 23 800, en dag etter å ha satt sitt høye nivå på 24 200 dollar.

Som alltid etterlater tweeten hans rundt 40 millioner Twitter-følgere og stiller spørsmål, og det er utvilsomt en seier for Bitcoin å være foran et så stort publikum igjen.

Det er også interessant å se hvor prisene vil ta herfra, og om kryptovalutaen vil gå gjennom en annen imponerende del.

Italian Banca Generali plans to offer crypto services next year

Banca Generali plans to offer crypto services in 2021. To do this, she has entered into a partnership with an Italian storage service provider.

The large Italian private bank Banca Generali plans to offer cryptocurrency services in 2021

According to an announcement made on December 15, Banca Generali has entered into a corporate and business partnership with Conio. This is a fintech company that offers traditional financial institutions solutions for managing digital assets, including wallets and custody.

A spokesman for Banca Generali told Cointelegraph that the bank has no plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the near future. Rather, they want to offer a „service with Conio as a wallet“.

Banca Generali will also acquire a stake in Conio in order to support the growth of the company and the distribution of its products as part of the bank’s digital service offering to its customers.

The bank thus participated in Conio’s capital increase of US $ 14 million

Conio was founded in 2015 and claims to be the first Bitcoin ( BTC ) wallet made in Italy. The company has developed proprietary custody technology aimed at institutions such as banks. Conio has previously entered into partnerships with major fintech banking platforms such as Hype and Nexi Open Banking .

Banca Generali is not the first Italian bank to announce plans related to crypto in 2020. In March 2020 , Italian Banco Sella launched its own bitcoin trading service that allows customers to buy, sell and store bitcoin through their platform Hype.